We are currently accepting applications for the position of "Dental Laboratory Radio-graphic Technician" and "Dental Laboratory Radio-graphic Technician - Trainee" (See below)

If you are a licensed, "Dental Laboratory Radio-graphic Technician" in the State of California, submit your resume to:


The "Dental Laboratory Radio-graphic Technician - Trainee" position is an entry level position for those interested in obtaining their "Dental Laboratory Radio-graphic Technician" license. This is a two-year program certified by the State of California, inquire about schooling costs. This is a paid position, unlike some other radiography training courses. If you are interested in applying for this position, please submit your resume along with prior work experience. Experience in the areas of Computers, Computer Software, Photography,  Adobe Photoshop, Radiography and Dentistry is helpful and beneficial and will be looked on positively. Skills in all of these areas is not necessary or expected.

We are looking for individuals who have a positive attitude and are willing to work hard for the advancement of their own lives as well as becoming  a valued employee here at Westside Imaging.

Our facility has just been updated. 100% digital and completely State-of-the Art.

I will contact all who submit their information. Remember to include your email address. Also, please include the term "RESUME" in the subject line of the email. This will help when I review my email.

Thank you,

Phil Abel (Owner Westside Imaging)